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Friday, August 10, 2012

As your doula, I will provide continual physical and emotional support during your pregnancy, labor, and a brief postpartum period. This will include the following:

  • I will meet with you and your partner at least twice before labor to become acquainted and to discuss priorities for you, fears or concerns, your birth plan, preferred comfort measures and pain control, and how we may work best together to form a birth team.
  • I will provide information on various subjects so you can make informed decisions about your birth.
  • I will be available during your pregnancy to talk about your concerns over the phone or in person if necessary.
  • I will be on-call for two weeks before and two weeks after your due date, so I may be able to attend your birth at any time!
  • If I fail to attend your birth, I will provide a back up doula for you in my place.
  • During your labor, I will provide continuous physical and emotional support to you and your partner. This may include using comfort measures such as massage, counter-pressure, focusing techniques, heat and cooling therapies and many more. 
  • I act as an advocate for you by providing support, information, mediation, and negotiation between you and your partner, and medical staff. 
  • After your birth, I will stay for 1-2 hours until you are comfortable.
  • I will be able to assist in establishing breast feeding, if necessary.
  • We will have at least one visit between two and four weeks postpartum to see how you and your new baby are doing, talk about any additional resources you may need, and process your birth experience.
  • If you wish, I can also make a crocheted hat for your new baby!
As your doula, I will not be able to provide clinical services (such as fetal heart checks or vaginal exams), make decisions for you (though I can provide as much information as possible), or speak to staff on your behalf.

My fee is currently $400, as I am accepting certifying births while I pursue my DONA certification. A retaining fee of $200 is due when you select me as your doula, and the remaining $200 is to be paid two weeks before your due date, if you are not paying in full. Arrangements may be made if my fee is an issue, including bartering!

If you wish to hire me as your doula, or have any questions I may be contacted through the following:


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